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Weather Analysis & Prediction (CLIM-301)

Instructor: Zafer Boybeyi and Brian Doty
Offered in: Fall, 2010
Credit: 4 Credits in Natural Science/Laboratory (3 Credits Lecture + 1 Credit Lab)

Content: This course gives an overview of large-scale behavior of mid-latitude weather systems. Includes coupling of synoptic motion to mesoscale processes that lead to significant weather events. Introduces the observational network, numerical weather models, and preiction. Laboratory portion gives practical experience in weather analysis, prediction, and technology currently used for visualization and analysis.

CLIM-301 Lecture (3-Credits): The overarching goal of this course is to provide the students with a "big-picture" view of the field of weather analysis & prediction as it relates to understanding the Earth's atmosphere, its complex history, its expected future evolution, and human influences.

CLIM-301 Lab (1-Credit): The laboratory section is designed to enhance learning by applying the information acquired in the lecture portion of the course. The student will engage in activities that are designed to expand and enrich the learning process for weather analysis & prediction.

Syllabus: (pdf)

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Moisture
Lecture 3: Winds
Lecture 4: Atmospheric Circulation
Lecture 5: Air Masses & Weather Patterns
Lecture 6: Mesoscale Weather
Lecture 7: Weather Analysis & Forecasting
Lecture 8: Skew-T/Log-P Diagram
Lecture 9: Equations of Motion
Lecture 10: Equations of Motion
Lecture 11: History & Equations of Motion
Lecture 12: Thickness Analysis
Lecture 13: Vorticity Analysis
Lecture 14: Barotropic Weather Systems
Lecture 15: Baroclinic Weather Systems
Lecture 16: Vertical Motion
Lecture 17: Numerical Weather Prediction
Lecture 18: Review

Textbook: The Atmosphere (F. K. Lutgens & E. J. Tarbuck)
Textbook: Mid-Latitude Weather Systems (T. N. Carlson)

Interested persons should contact Dr. Zafer Boybeyi at

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