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Computing resources

The CAMP Computing Facility houses two massively paralell computing clusters, storm and hurricane. Beside the headnode and a backup machine storm contains 16 compute nodes (each with a single-core Intel Pentium 4 ticking at 2.8 GHz with 1 GB RAM). The headnode has two dual-core Intel Xeon CPUs (2.4GHz) with 2 TB hard disk space and 1GB RAM.

Hurricane is a newer system, with a headnode and 6 compute nodes. The headnode has two 64bit quad-core Intel Xeon CPUs running at 2.33GHz with 16GB RAM and 12TB hard disk space for storage. Each compute node has the same hardware as the headnode, except the hard disk space which is only a small 70G hard disk. This system altogether allows computations with simulation codes employing the distributed memory parallel programming paradigm on up to 48 CPUs with message passing (e.g. MPI) or may be used as 6 individual shared memory nodes with the OpenMP standard. Both clusters are connected to outside computational facilities by a GMU T1 line which is a part of the high-speed Internet network.

The following is a list of atmospheric simulation systems and other software packages that we actively use:

See the CAMP contact page for detailed information on contacting us.
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