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Severe & Extreme Weather (CLIM-314)

Instructor: Dr. Zafer Boybeyi
Offered in: Spring - 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019
Credit: 3-Credits Course

Content: This course deals with behavior of severe and extreme weather events ranging from small scale (e.g., thunderstorms and tornadoes) to mesoscale (e.g., fronts and hurricanes). This course introduces the dynamical and physical processes, atmospheric boundary layer processes, and coupling between different spatial scales that create and shape severe and extreme weather events.

Syllabus: (pdf)

Lecture 1: Properties of the Atmosphere
Lecture 2: Meteorological Measurements
Lecture 3: Weather Maps
Lecture 4: Forecasting & Simulation Severe Weather
Lecture 5: Climate, Climate Change & Global Warming
Lecture 6: Atmospheric Stability
Extra Lecture: Skew-T Log-P Diagram
Lecture 7: Forces & Force Balances
Lecture 8: Development of High & Low Pressure Systems
Lecture 9: Airmasses & Fronts
Lecture 10: East of The Rocky Mountains Cyclones
Lecture 11: East & Gulf Coasts Cyclones
Lecture 12: Freezing Precipitaion & Ice Storms
Lecture 13: Lake-Effect Snowstorms
Lecture 14: Cold Waves
Lecture 15: Great Plains Blizzards
Lecture 16: Mountain Snowstorms & Windstorms
Lecture 17: Thunderstorms
Lecture 18: Tornadoes
Lecture 19: Hailstorms
Lecture 20: Lighthing & Downbursts
Lecture 21: El Nino, La Nina & Southern Oscillation
Lecture 22: Tropical Cyclones
Lecture 23: Floods, Drought & Heat Waves

Textbook: Severe & Hazardous Weather (R. M. Rauber, J. E. Walsh & D. J. Charlevoix)

Textbook: Principles of Atmospheric Science (J. E. Frederick)

Interested persons should contact Dr. Zafer Boybeyi at

See the CAMP contact page for detailed information on contacting us.
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