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Introduction to the Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science (CLIM-111 & CLIM112)

Instructor: Drs. Zafer Boybeyi and Michael E. Summers
Offered in: Spring, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019
Credit: 4 Credits General Education in Natural Science/Laboratory (3 Credits Lecture + 1 Credit Lab)

Content: This course gives an overview of the Earth's atmosphere, its history, and the fundamental physical and chemical processes which determine its characteristics. The focus is on key concepts from thermodynamics, radiation, chemistry, and dynamics that are essesntial for understanding the state, variability, and long term evolution of the atmosphere, especially in the context of comparisons with other planetary atmospheres.

CLIM-111 Course (3-Credits): The overarching goal of this course is to provide the students with a "big-picture" view of the field of atmospheric science as it relates to understanding the Earth's atmosphere, its complex history, its expected future evolution, and human influences.

CLIM-112 Lab (1-Credit): The laboratory section is designed to enhance learning by applying the information acquired in the lecture portion of the course. The student will engage in activities that are designed to expand and enrich the learning process through the use of state-of-the-art computer simulations that illustrate the complex phenomena that occur in the atmospheres of the Earth and other planets.

Syllabus: (pdf)

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Atmosphere
Lecture 2: Heating Earth's Surface and Atmosphere
Lecture 3: Temperature
Lecture 4: Moisture and Atmospheric Stability
Lecture 5: Forms of Condensation and Precipitation
Lecture 6: Air Pressure and Winds
Lecture 7: Circulation of the Atmosphere
Lecture 8: Air Masses
Lecture 9: Weather Patterns
Lecture 10: Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
Lecture 11: Hurricanes
Lecture 12: Weather Analysis and Forecasting
Lecture 13: Air Pollution
Lecture 14: Climate Change

Textbook: The Atmosphere: An Introduction to Meteorology (Frederick K. Lutgens & Edward J. Tarbuck)

Interested persons should contact Drs. Zafer Boybeyi and Michael E. Summers at and

See the CAMP contact page for detailed information on contacting us.
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