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Numerical Methods for Climate Modeling (CLIM-715)

Instructor: Dr. Zafer Boybeyi
Offered in: Fall, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019
Credit: 3-Credits Course

Content: The goal of this course is to introduce graduate students to all aspects of numerical modeling for weather & climate studies. The course consists of a combination of lectures and projects designed to familiarize the student with the important numerical methods used in weather & climate models and with the general nature of modeling as experimental science.

Syllabus: (pdf)

The Beginning of NWP: (pdf)

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Basic Mathematical Tools
Lecture 3: PDFs
Lecture 4: Model Equations & Waves
Lecture 5: Finite Difference Methods1
Lecture 5: Finite Difference Methods2
Lecture 6: Time-Differencing
Lecture 7: Space-Differencing
Lecture 8: Combined Time & Space-Differencing
Lecture 9: Diffusion
Lecture 10: Aliasing Error & Non-Linear Instability
Lecture 11: Numerical Methods for Sub-Grid Scale Parameterizations
Lecture 12: Common Numerical Modeling Misconceptions
Lecture 13: Flux Corrected/Limited Methods
Lecture 14: Semi-Lagrangian Methods

Textbook: Numerical Methods for Wave Equations in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (Dale R. Durran)

Textbook: A First Course in Atmospheric Numerical Modeling (Alex J. DeCaria & Glenn E. Van Knowe)

Interested persons should contact Dr. Zafer Boybeyi at

See the CAMP contact page for detailed information on contacting us.
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