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Data archive

There is a need for a standardized set of field and laboratory datasets to be used for model development and evaluation. We have been collecting, archiving, and quality assuring both field (local-scale to mesoscale) and laboratory scale atmospheric transport and dispersion datasets to be used in model development, evaluation and uncertainty analysis studies. The arechived datasets inventory and their current status are listed below. In order to obtain any data set, please contact us.
Field data sets
  • ACURATE (Atlantic Coast Unique Regional Atmospheric Tracer Experiment)
  • ANATEX (North America Tracer Experiment)
  • Birmingham
  • Bull Run
  • CAPTEX (Cross Appalachian Tracer Experiment)
  • Chesapeake Bay numerical modeling experiment, 2001
  • Data by R.W. Macdonald and C.E. Ejim
  • Dense Gas MDA (Modeling Data Archives)
  • DOE VTMX/CBNP Salt Lake City (SLC), 2000
  • DP26 (Dipole Pride 26)
  • DTRA Phase I
  • EMU
  • ETEX (European Tracer Experiment)
  • Indianapolis
  • INEL74
  • Kincaid
  • Kit Fox
  • LA 2001
  • LMOS (Lake Michigan Ozone Study)
  • LROD (Long-Range Overwater Diffusion)
  • Metropolitan Tracer Experiment (METREX)
  • MVP (Model Validation Program)
  • OKC80
  • OLAD (Overland Alongwind Dispersion)
  • OTAG (Ozone Transport Assessment Project)
  • Other datasets used in the alongwind dispersion paper
  • Prairie Grass
  • REDIPHEM (Review and Dissemination of Physical Effects Models)
  • SARMAP (San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Study, Regional Meteorological and Air Pollution)
  • TRAPOS (Program for Optimization of Modeling Methods for Traffic Pollution in Streets)
Laboratory data sets
  • EMU
  • Data by R.W. Macdonald and C.E. Ejim
  • The Mock Urban Setting Test (MUST), 2001

See the contact page for detailed information on contacting us.

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